National Day of Shiraz

The 15th of Ordibehesht in Persian calendar was named “Shiraz Day”. According to historical documents, the name of “Shiraz” was inspired by the writings on the clay tablets dated at 2000 BC.

Shiraz is located at the central part of Fars province and it is the largest city after Tehran and Tabriz.

Shiraz attractions of cultural historical natural and religious abundance greet many tourists annually.

Shiraz is the city of flowers nightingales Hafez, Saadi, poem, lyric, love, cedar orange art and culture and this week is Shiraz week.

For this occasion every year some special programs are held which most of them in historical sight like Karim Khan Arg or Hafez and Saadi tombs.

In order to encourage people to visit the city and its’ beautiful and charming sights, both enterence fees and public transportation are free.

Some local musicians announce people to participate in their concerts basically these concerts contain traditional and folk songs which nowadays are makes people get more familiar with their ancient culture customs and traditions.

Women from rural area wearing special costumes serve visitors traditional foods and bread they cook.

There are many other programs held in this week just come and see what is not unexplained.

Farsi: روز شیراز

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