Digital Meets Art

DIGITAL is referred to data and to anything that can be represented by numbers. Therefore, strictly speaking, it is a synonymous of “numerical”.

ART is the product or the process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic meaning) in a way that will influence and affect one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. Generally, art is made with the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions.

Apparently the 2 concepts (the numbers and the creative expression) look quite distant, but nowadays both terms are widely used and combined with many and very open meanings.

The impact of digital technology has transformed human expressions as painting, drawing and sculpture, but also music and poetry; first by implementing new tools which can be very helpful for the artists and which can enhance the creative process towards innovative and unexplored paths.

As you can’t stop creativity, then new forms such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, swiftly had risen and became recognized artistic practices.

Moreover, modern creative industries of entertainment and advertising make large use of digital technologies, especially in the field of visual effects, contaminating their commercial purposes with advanced technologies to achieve an “artistic” result, which hopefully will look (more) appealing to their target consumers.

In an expanded sense, “digital art” is a term applied to contemporary art that uses the digital technologies and the digital media, also to disseminate and share the artworks with the community.

Actually, the matter is very complex.

This section DIGITALMEETSART wishes to focus on the latest, innovative forms of the digital art in any expression, and to give space and visibility to upcoming events and discussions about this large, open and evolving topic.

Conferences and seminars, interesting dates, case-studies and nice showcases dedicated to associations, artists and companies will be collected and highlighted on these pages, to offer a wide overview about what’s going on.

Digital technologies are tools and new opportunities for creative artistic expression, and DIGITALMEETSART will follow their journey through the eclectic beehive of human imagination. The Muses, inspiring goddesses, are kindly requested to log in.

Farsi: تلاقی دیجیتال و هنر
Source: Sep 3, 2018

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