Tehran digital art exhibit to open on Friday

The 8th Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX) will open at three venues in the city on Friday, the organizers have announced.

Thirty Iranian and international artists will be attending the event with a number of performances, installations and video animations at Ava Center, Baam Platform and Mohsen Gallery.

Several workshops and sessions will also be organized on the sidelines of the exhibition.

An electro-acoustic performance will close the event at Baam Platform and Mohsen Gallery on November 15.

Hyungjun Kim and Sabina Hyoju Ahn, both from South Korea, Michael Schiefel from Germany, and Hugo Arcier and Annabelle Playe, both from France, are among the participating foreign artists.

Among the Iranian artists are Vahid Qaderi, Hamed Heidari, Pedram Sadeqbeigi, Mohammad Nikpur and Arash Pandi.

Farsi: هشتمین دوره هنر دیجیتال تهران با حضور هنرمندان ۸ کشور
Source: TehranTimes/05Nov2018

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